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Talk To Your
kids About Art School

An ad campaign for theĀ college for creative studies(CCS) in detroit,
USA. Transforms the look and text
of anti-drug public service announcements into a series of ‘warnings’ about the pursual of art
by young people.

The series was conceptualized by Marcus Popiolek, director of marketing at CCS, and was carried out by the creative agency Team Detroit. The idea cleverly hinges on the tagline, ‘talk to your kids about art school’, transforming the meaning of the anti-drug advice into a statement encouraging the discussion of the possibilities that art school offers.

All ads are altered
by Filipe Matos

Sounds like now you are photoshopping me We were dancing all night and all morning Dancing is a gateway to performance art Who doodling this time? You know the warning signs of art Many artists have pondered over this problem Everything is art but Art is like learning a language you start with the dirty words Modern art has become an exercise much like reinventing the wheel Anything manmade is profound in isolation The thought of your art inside me is unbearable Ideas are like oysters a bad one can kill you Some of my best friends are artists Like all great artists i just want to be misunderstood Reading books doesn't make you a writer we're all artists now apparently Making stuff is preferable to making stuff up The most common mistake artists make is art 1 in 5 teenagers will experiment with NFT